• The Evolution of Energy Codes

    The Evolution of Energy Codes

    Energy codes establish the minimum efficiency requirements for new and renovated buildings. But how are these codes developed? And why are they becoming more stringent?

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  • Trends in Commercial Energy Codes

    Trends in Commercial Energy Codes

    Architects and designers are increasingly urged to consider the energy footprint a building leaves behind for both environmental and financial reasons.

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  • Finding the Right Glass to Eliminate the Green

    Finding the Right Glass to Eliminate the Green

    When specifying glass to achieve a desired aesthetic, design professionals know that clear glass isn’t completely clear—it has a distinct green hue when under light.

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  • What Contractors Want

    What Contractors Want

    What do general contractors want most from their glazing contractors? How do they view the importance of glass manufacturer certification programs?

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Finding the Right Glass to Eliminate the Green


The Common Uses of Clear Glass

Clear glass is extremely common, and is popular in a variety of architectural design applications. From applications ranging from vision glass to spandrel glass, clear glass is often specified due to its versatility and ability to serve as a substrate for low-emissivity (low-E) coatings. In addition to its compatibility with solar control or passive low-E coatings, clear glass is also relatively inexpensive, and is frequently selected for its neutral color.

Why We're Giving a Pittsburgh Treasure New Wings


Great design is frequently inspired by nature, which is why Vitro Architectural Glass (formerly PPG Glass) is dedicated to its preservation.

The Inside Scoop on Using Vitro Architectural Glass for Interior Design


While Vitro Architectural Glass (formerly PPG Glass) is proud to serve architects through its expansive selection of architectural glass products for exterior glazing and curtain wall applications, our products also make ideal solutions for addressing interior design challenges.