• The Evolution of Energy Codes

    The Evolution of Energy Codes

    Energy codes establish the minimum efficiency requirements for new and renovated buildings. But how are these codes developed? And why are they becoming more stringent?

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  • Trends in Commercial Energy Codes

    Trends in Commercial Energy Codes

    Architects and designers are increasingly urged to consider the energy footprint a building leaves behind for both environmental and financial reasons.

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  • Finding the Right Glass to Eliminate the Green

    Finding the Right Glass to Eliminate the Green

    When specifying glass to achieve a desired aesthetic, design professionals know that clear glass isn’t completely clear—it has a distinct green hue when under light.

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  • What Contractors Want

    What Contractors Want

    What do general contractors want most from their glazing contractors? How do they view the importance of glass manufacturer certification programs?

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Ideas, Packaged: Vitro Glass Sample Kit Round-Up


Vitro Architectural Glass (formerly PPG Glass) assists architects, interior designers and other specifiers throughout the design process by offering several curated glass sample kits for product evaluation.

There’s No Replacement for a Full-Size Mockup


Mock-up evaluation is a critical element of working with insulating glass units (IGUs). While a 12” x 12” sample can certainly give you a good idea of the glass’s aesthetics in a general sense, there’s no replacement for evaluating a full-size glass mock-up.