• Trends in Commercial Energy Codes

    Trends in Commercial Energy Codes

    Architects and designers are increasingly urged to consider the energy footprint a building leaves behind for both environmental and financial reasons.

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  • Finding the Right Glass to Eliminate the Green

    Finding the Right Glass to Eliminate the Green

    When specifying glass to achieve a desired aesthetic, design professionals know that clear glass isn’t completely clear—it has a distinct green hue when under light.

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  • What Contractors Want

    What Contractors Want

    What do general contractors want most from their glazing contractors? How do they view the importance of glass manufacturer certification programs?

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Bird-Friendly Glass Legislation


Photo courtesy of Walker Glass

Early Birds to Bird-Friendly Requirements

As the problem of bird-to-building collisions becomes more widely known, an increasing number of states, cities and municipalities are adopting legislation that recommends, and in some cases, requires, bird-friendly materials be used on new construction and building renovations. With an estimated 1 billion bird deaths annually from collisions, certain building materials can make a huge difference.